Swami's and Bhuvana's letters to Devotees, 11.03.2020.

Sai Ram dear brothers and sisters,

A very good evening. Further to my conversation with each one of you now, I am writing this mail with a sad heart to inform that Swami’s trip is being postponed because of the current global situation of Corona Virus. The revised dates for the trip is being worked out right now, and it will be end of August. I will come back to everyone in the next couple of days with the revised itinerary. 

Below is our beloved Lord’s message to each and every devotee.  

Sai Ram,

Dear devotees of Europe, Turkey and UK,

Accept my abundant blessings. 

As much as you all want to meet me, more than that I want to meet all of you. After all the only reason that I am here is to give joy to my devotees, and  I know that your greatest joy is in being with Swami. 

You all have prayed with a pure heart and made so many arrangements for my stay and travel with selfless love, and I am so pleased with all your efforts, which I know are just to make me happy. 

The current situation in most of the Europe, and Middle East demands that public meetings are to be avoided for the safety of all, as advised by most of the governments. While there is definitely nothing to worry or fear, yet we need to respect the governments and their advise, which is our foremost duty as good citizens of the world. 

Some of you may be restricted from travelling out of your own countries to meet me even if I come to a near by country, and that makes me sad. 

Many devotees have also sincerely prayed that the trip to Turkey, Europe and UK, may be organised at a later date when all can participate without any restrictions, and that was also needed to be considered. 

So, for the sake of the greater good of all, I have chosen to postpone this trip to later date so that we can spend more time together with each other in all the countries. 

Do not be disappointed, as Swami only gives much more when He withdraws a little. 

May you all be healthy and happy. May you all continue to be of service to each other and to the entire world. May you all live in Ananda of self realisation, is my blessing.

Waiting to meet you sooner than you can imagine!

With love,

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